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I am Pastor Jacquie Babb.  I am the senior pastor of Keystone Church and Ministries.  I work along with my husband, Perry Babb, to bring the life and reality of the relationship with Jesus Christ into every day life.  We are very practical in our approach to the Gospel.   We believe that the principles of the Kingdom of God are as relevant as they were in biblical times and they come alive when applied today. The Bible is like an ‘owner’s manual’ that helps people navigate through life toward  their fullest potential.  It promotes healthy mindsets and gives answers to problems that we all encounter during our lifetime.

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Pastors Jacquie and Perry Babb

My Journey to KeyChurch

My Journey to KeyChurch-  by Jessica Kilmartin


I am blessed to say that I have walked with God ever since I was a child.  I was raised in a christian home with parents who loved the Lord and continue to seek Him.  I remember as a young teen God planting desires deep within my heart that were contrary to the world around me.  Desires to do His will and follow Him, desires to worship Him, and to know Him.  When I was a senior in H.S. my parents took me to some revival meetings in Canada.  God touched my life in a brand new way and spoke to me so deeply.  From that point on I was completely and utterly changed.  Ruined, in a sense to know God even more and learn to walk in the ways He has laid out for us.

At that point in my life I was seeking God for direction on where to go to school.  He directed me to attend Grove City College where I later met my husband.  As I grew in my relationship with God and my future husband, I could not shake this desire to know God tangibly and to see the things in the bible played out in my own life.   I recall during these years desiring to be married and have a family but within this yearning was another deep desire, a deep hope that only God himself could have planted there.   I not only wanted to be married but I wanted to have a marriage without strife, without fighting and without arguing.  At the time I shared this with a church going couple.  They casually laughed at me with remarks of how impossible and nieve that hope was.   I would not settle, I knew what the Bible said and I wanted to see it.

It was during this time, I first attended Key Church.  I was blown away by what I saw there.  I saw families that loved God,  whole families.  Kids, that loved God and loved their parents and respected them.  Spouses that loved each other, got along and truly enjoyed one another.  People that weren't religious, but free and loved Jesus and lived like it.  People that were not perfect but real. In particular I watched Pastors Perry and Jacque Babb.  I watched the way they interacted with each other, the way their kids loved and worshiped God, the way their kids looked up to them.

They were real people that truly love God and lived like it, in every regard.  They didn't just play church.  Their lives, marriage and family preached the gospel louder then anything.  Here under the awesome pastoral care of Pastors Perry and Jacque, my husband and I were married and have grown. They have tirelessly,  counseled, uplifted, encouraged, taken care of and watched out for us.  Today my husband and I have 6 beautiful children who love God, we are blessed in every regard with wonderful careers, family and friends, and to top it off we have an awesome marriage, strife free may I add!!!!!

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